Centre for Floristic Research (CFR) is actively involved in exploring the flora of neighbourhood as well as coastal regions. One of the thrust areas of CFR is community knowledge. Dr. D. Narasimhan and his students have participated in a project on informal and formal knowledge systems, supported by Indo-Shastri Canadian institute. Staff and students of CFR have extensively worked on the native communities of Eastern Ghats of Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Orissa. CFR provides consultancy in the following areas 1. Plant identification 2. Trees for Urban Forestry and 3. Environmental Impact Assessment.

CFR has developed a data base on Flowering Plants of Tamil Nadu for the Department of Environment, Government of Tamil Nadu. This database provides a complete list of plants with updated nomenclature, distribution within Tamil Nadu, local names, endemic and threatened status. CFR has actively collaborated in several training programmes on taxonomy. The centre has hosted a number of research scholars from foreign universities in interdisciplinary research especially related to biodiversity and community knowledge.

Multi-Institutional Species Recovery Project funded by DBT
Project title Funding Agency Year

Conservation and restoration of two endemic and critically endangered tree species [Syzygium gambleanum Rathakr. & Chithra & Syzygium rama-varmae (Bourd.) Chithra] from Agastyamalai Biosphere Reserve through conventional and non-conventional propagation Click

Department of Biotechnology, New Delhi

2010 - 2015

Endemic and Threatened Trees of  Western Ghats of  Kanyakumari District: Biology, Population and Mapping

University Grants Commission, New Delhi

2006 - 2009

Development of arboretum and  Conservation of native 
forest and Medicinal plant species at Madras Christian 
College Campus

National Botanic Research Institute, Lucknow

2003 - 2004

Preparation of Database on Flora of Tamil Nadu

Department of Environment,  Government of 
Tamil Nadu

2003 - 2004

Developing an arboretum in the dry evergreen forest area of Madras Christian College

Ministry of Environment & Forests

1999 - 2000

Survey of Medicinal Plants Traded in Chennai raw drug market

Foundation for Revitalization of  Local Health 
Traditions (FRLHT)

1998 - 1999

Plant Genetic Resources; Formal and Informal Knowledge Systems

Sasthri Indo - Canadian Institute, New Delhi

1998 - 2001

Maximization of the value of native fodder grasses and grazing lands

Society for Social Forestry, Research and 
Development, Tamil Nadu

1990 - 1993



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