Journals / Newsletters / Proceedings

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Books / Manuals / Chapter in Books

  1. Narasimhan, D., and E. Anbarasan. 1994. The Future of Environment in Tamil Nadu (in Tamil). In: “Thamizhar Ethircalaviyal” (Ed. David Prabhakar) Bharathi Madram, Madras Christian College. 

  2. Co – author of a manual “ Handbook on Native Fodder Grasses” (in Tamil), published by Society for Social Forestry Research and Development, Chennai.

  3. Co- edited a book titled “Vanam”, a collection of poems, published by Department of Tamil, Madras Christian College and in Literary Magazines.

  4. Co Edited a book titled” Vanam Pirandhathu”, collection of poems, published by Department of Tamil, Madras Christian College. August. 1994.

  5. Narasimhan, D., and R. Arulraj. 1996. “Siddha Mooligaigalin Thaavaraviyal Peyargal” (In Tamil) Anusuya Padippagam. Chennai – 69.

  6. Co-authored the Chapter on “Flora of East Coast (Adyar to Mamallapuram) in: Nirmal Selvamony et al. (eds.), The Changing Face of the Coastal Zone Between Chennai and Mamallapuram Published By Madras Christian College, Tambaram. 

  7. Narasimhan, D., and A. N.Henry – Forests and vegetation of Chengalpattu for the District Gazetteer of Chengalpattu District.

  8. Janarthanam, M.K. and D. Narasimhan (eds.) 2003. Plant Diversity, Human Welfare and Conservation: A symposium Volume. Goa University, Goa

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