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Centre for Floristic Research (CFR) offers research programmes as part of department of Plant Biology and Plant Biotechnology at graduate, M. Phil and Ph. D. levels. As part of the curriculum M.Sc and M.Phil students have documented plant diversity of Protected Areas including community protected Sacred Groves. Two of the thesis submitted from this centre have been recognized as the best thesis of the year and have been awarded Prof.R. Kalyanasundaram memorial prize.

      New taxa described by staff and students of CFR 

Polycarpaea corymbosa (L.) Lam. var. longipetala Sriniv. & D. Naras.

Premna latifolia Roxb. var. henryi D. Naras. 

Anoectochilus narasimhanii Sumathi, Jayanthi, Karthig. & Sreek.


Syzygium gambleanum Rathakr. & Chithra



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